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Addressing the Physician Gender Gap

Posted by Anushka Choudhary on May 6, 2020

Are there really not enough seats at the table?

As advisors, our goal as a team is always to offer effective, high-yield insights. That never changes. But, when we’re lucky, we get a chance to also


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The Proof is in the Profits - Analyzing Healthcare ROI

Posted by Guest Contributor on March 16, 2018

I joined the Array team because I wanted to change the way healthcare leaders think about their strategic business decisions. My passion for this awakened when I hit a pivotal moment in my career......READ MORE

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Mining Demographic & Medical Data = Find Healthcare Real Estate Gold

Posted by Fady Barmada on March 23, 2017

Having a deep understanding of the business of healthcare is essential to providing quality service, and to being a valued partner to our clients. How can we, as consultants, architects, data.....READ MORE

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The Choice is Yours, and Your Patient's: Healthcare Trends

Posted by Fady Barmada on December 14, 2016

In February 2016, I was fortunate enough to be included by a well-known industry publication in their annual healthcare edition. As the year started anew, I was excited to share my thoughts on the.....READ MORE

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The Art and Science of Dashboard Design

Posted by Guest Contributor on December 5, 2016

Designing a dashboard for business intelligence (BI) reporting is a task of both art and science. A picture is definitely worth more than 1,000 words if you ask a data analyst. Sieving through.....READ MORE

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Master Planning is Dead - Pivotal Brings Planning to Life

Posted by Fady Barmada on November 8, 2016

Healthcare is a complex and diverse business enterprise constantly in flux. New legislation, shifting reimbursement structures, evolving technologies, changing consumer preferences and.....READ MORE

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