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Planning to be Lean While Balancing Chemotherapy Treatment & Recovery

Posted by Ali Ellinger on February 27, 2018

The diagnosis came as a surprise, naturally. Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. I count myself lucky that, at 47, I don’t have much family history with cancer. On the downside though, I also didn’t have examples.....READ MORE

Topics: Lean Practitioner Training

Lean Course: Engaging Consultants, Partners and Clients

Posted by Carl Davis on September 22, 2017

A powerful business philosophy, Lean leads to improved delivery and increased value by eliminating waste and encouraging wholistic problem solving. Since its launch in 2016, 29% of Array’s employees.....READ MORE

Topics: Continuous Improvement, Lean Practitioner Training

Developing Lean Practitioners

Posted by Laura Moran on June 14, 2017

In 2016, Array’s lean leaders worked to develop a Lean Practitioner Course to ensure that all staff understand how to find waste and improve the way they work. This three-day course teaches lean.....READ MORE

Topics: Transformation, Lean Practitioner Training