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Personal Kanban Revisited: Part 2

Posted by Laura Silvoy on April 19, 2017

After sharing the image of my personal kanban, I also wrote a blog post detailing my personal kanban journey. My task management strategy underwent several PDSA cycles over the past year. My.....READ MORE

Topics: Task Management, Kanban

Personal Kanban Revisited: Part 1

Posted by Laura Silvoy on March 29, 2017

About a year ago, I shared an image of my personal kanban board on LinkedIn. This innocent update resulted in a surprising number of comments, likes and profile views. At the time, I couldn’t.....READ MORE

Topics: Kanban, Task Management

Living Lean with a Personal Kanban

Posted by Laura Silvoy on July 8, 2016

Everyone manages their work in different ways. Some people use lists; others prefer to schedule events on their calendars. We can manage tasks through digital mediums or take a more tangible form......READ MORE

Topics: Transformation, Kanban