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The Team Center - Where the Nursing Unit Revolves

Posted by Guest Contributor on April 4, 2017

An ideal team center is designed around an efficient work flow. As healthcare designers, we apply the tenets of evidence-based design, understanding that each team center is user-specific and an...


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Kaizen Event: Discovering & Overcoming Root Causes

Posted by Jonathan Bykowski on October 5, 2016

While working with a community hospital trying to solve its overcrowded emergency department, we began by observing and mapping their current state process. Space was tight and capital was scarce......READ MORE

Topics: Transformation, Simulation, Kaizen Events, Case Study

A Case for Kaizen Events to Improve Flow

Posted by Jonathan Bykowski on May 25, 2016

We believe that lean is an operational strategy that can be used to achieve specific goals defined by your organization. We help you develop a strategy to implement improvements that lead to...


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