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Neil Carpenter

I have dedicated my career to the advancement of building integrated health care delivery systems. Whether as a consultant or system leader, I take pride in my work to ground future scenarios in market data, clinical experience and competitive responses, which will coalesce to best guide our clients in their future endeavors.
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How President Biden's $400B Home Care Plan Will Impact Health Systems

Posted by Neil Carpenter on May 10, 2021

President Biden’s $400 Billion Home Care Plan raised more questions than answers. Part of the American Jobs Plan, the allotment for home care has caused concern about how eligibility will change,.....READ MORE

Topics: health care strategy, Home Care

Amazon's Looming 'Prime' for Healthcare

Posted by Neil Carpenter on November 12, 2020

Amazon’s investments in the healthcare sector point to an emerging offering to rival traditional healthcare services. We break down the reasons why the company needs the healthcare sector, its.....READ MORE

Topics: Strategy, Economic pressures on healthcare

How Digitization Will Replace the Hospital Middle Manager

Posted by Neil Carpenter on November 5, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic will prove to be a decisive inflection point in healthcare. Not just for the impact it had on patients and providers, but as the moment that broke the status quo economics of...


Topics: Strategy, Transformation

Twin Hurricanes of Flu and COVID-19 Introduce Surge Resilience Challenges

Posted by Neil Carpenter on October 27, 2020

Hospitals are about to face the twin hurricanes of flu and COVID-19. The former follows a predictable pattern every year; the latter has been virtually unforeseeable. In response to these challenges,.....READ MORE

Topics: COVID-19 Strategy, COVID-19 and Flu

3 Ways Health Systems Need to Contend with Global Economic Trends

Posted by Neil Carpenter on June 26, 2019

Healthcare is such a significant part of the economy that we can forget we are ultimately downstream of larger global and national trends. One of the biggest trends is the global pressures on the.....READ MORE

Topics: patient experience, Economic pressures on healthcare, global economy, health care strategy