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Laura Silvoy

I am a Healthcare Systems Engineer with a passion for improvement. My background in architecture and healthcare systems engineering provides a unique blend of proficiency around the built environment, improvement methodologies and analytical approaches. Using simulation and other process improvement tools, I strive to create a better patient experience by combining efficient work flows with effective spatial planning. Continuously advancing our own productivity and design culture is a top priority and I always look to improve the ways we deliver results to our customers.
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Recent Posts

Personal Kanban Revisited: Part 1

Posted by Laura Silvoy on March 29, 2017

About a year ago, I shared an image of my personal kanban board on LinkedIn. This innocent update resulted in a surprising number of comments, likes and profile views. At the time, I couldn’t.....READ MORE

Topics: Kanban, Task Management

Gemba: It's Not Just About Understanding the Process

Posted by Laura Silvoy on February 22, 2017

Most lean practitioners would agree that the Japanese word gemba means “the real place” and refers to the exact place that work happens. While we whole-heartedly agree, we also believe that more.....READ MORE

Topics: Lean Operational Improvement, Transformation, Gemba Mapping

Simulation: Averages Are Not Enough to Answer Complex Questions

Posted by Laura Silvoy on January 24, 2017

The healthcare industry is complex, and questions without a single solution often arise. So when Inspira Health Network experienced significant emergency department (ED) holds due  to a lack of.....READ MORE

Topics: Transformation, Simulation, Case Study, Throughput Analysis

Lean Coffee PHL - Knowledge Sharing Among Lean Professionals

Posted by Laura Silvoy on October 10, 2016

Lean Coffee is an opportunity for lean professionals to discuss ideas, experiences, issues and/or improvements in lean. It's a structured, agenda-less meeting focused on topics that are important.....READ MORE

Topics: Lean Operational Improvement

Lean Coffee Philadelphia

Posted by Laura Silvoy on August 25, 2016

Nearly a year ago, I decided to host Philadelphia's first Lean coffee meeting - an agenda-less meeting, where people come to discuss topics related to lean and process improvement.


Topics: Lean Operational Improvement, Transformation

Living Lean with a Personal Kanban

Posted by Laura Silvoy on July 8, 2016

Everyone manages their work in different ways. Some people use lists; others prefer to schedule events on their calendars. We can manage tasks through digital mediums or take a more tangible form......READ MORE

Topics: Transformation, Kanban