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Laura Moran

I am a Healthcare Systems Engineer with a passion for improvement. My background in architecture and healthcare systems engineering provides a unique blend of proficiency around the built environment, improvement methodologies and analytical approaches. Using simulation and other process improvement tools, I strive to create a better patient experience by combining efficient work flows with effective spatial planning. Continuously advancing our own productivity and design culture is a top priority and I always look to improve the ways we deliver results to our customers.
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An Engineer, an Architect and a Nurse on Healthcare Improvement

Posted by Laura Moran on May 15, 2020

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down and have a conversation with a group of healthcare improvement professionals. We all have very different titles, but once you’ve had the chance to listen.....READ MORE

Topics: Continuous Improvement

Graphs Matter: A Study of Novel Coronavirus Data

Posted by Laura Moran on March 12, 2020

I received an interesting email this morning from a performance support software company detailing how they could help during these uncertain times, driven by the coronavirus (COVID-19). At the.....READ MORE

Topics: public health

A Data-Driven Approach to Hospital Furniture Selection

Posted by Laura Moran on January 17, 2019

Many people find it difficult to choose furniture for their home. Often this task requires several trips to various furniture stores to understand what options are available and how much they cost......READ MORE

Topics: Data, hospital furniture

Simulation Modeling Can Benefit a Number of Healthcare Service Lines

Posted by Laura Moran on June 6, 2018

When Winnipeg’s Regional Health Authority realized the need for more outpatient dialysis spaces, they turned to a seasoned architecture team to renovate a four-story building adjacent to their.....READ MORE

Topics: Lean Operational Improvement, Simulation, Case Study

Tweaks to the Process Aids Physician Practice Satisfaction Rates

Posted by Laura Moran on May 11, 2018

Not all opportunities to accommodate the needs of a growing physician practice require expanding the physical space. Array Advisors brings lean thinking and process optimization expertise to help.....READ MORE

Topics: Predictive Analytics, Lean Operational Improvement, Simulation, Case Study

Simulations Assist Hospital Staff Resource Allocations

Posted by Laura Moran on December 5, 2017

A client challenged Array to help increase the number of patients who can be scheduled per day for an MRI, which was at a 75% utilization rate. Due to the complex interactions between the staff ...


Topics: Lean Operational Improvement, Simulation