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Kristy Venrick

In college, I had my first experience with travel and living abroad. This transformed me into a person who saw things from new perspectives. From that began my love of travel and a deeper passion for the arts, especially in architecture and music. Because of this, life has guided me in many directions. My career in architecture began with a design focus and transformed into a more technical one with projects focusing on labs and pharmacies. At that point, my creative outlets swayed more toward creating and performing music across several continents and owning several businesses focused on music in some capacity. It wasn’t until recently that I understood the interconnectivity of the last 20+ years with my diverse background in architecture, construction, technologies, music and entrepreneurship. They all helped me develop a unique perspective of looking at a project from all sides as well as considering the most cost effective. Although my depth of experience focuses on laboratory planning across several types of laboratories, including clinical and research, I am also passionate about generating optimized outcomes through logistics and process-driven design throughout all support spaces within healthcare.
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