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Jillian Barbaro

Jill spent the last two years working for Johns Hopkins Health System, most recently helping the organization manage the occupational health response to COVID-19. She holds a master's degree In health administration and is passionate about improving healthcare business processes, designing novel approaches to operational problems, and improving patient-facing communication systems to better serve communities.

Recent Posts

A Gap in Healthcare: Knowing What Patients Really Think of Competing Providers and Hospitals

Posted by Jillian Barbaro on June 17, 2021

Co-authored by Neil Carpenter, VP, Strategic Planning.

As providers think about moving into a geographic market, they ask themselves,What is the community’s perception of existing providers of.....READ MORE

Topics: Strategy

Why the Vaccine Lottery Is Not a Sure Winner

Posted by Jillian Barbaro on June 4, 2021

An online advertisement pops up and reads: “Maryland: Get Your Shot at $2 Million!” Later that week, the Wall Street Journal publishes an article with the headline “New Yorkers Vaccinated Next...


Topics: Strategy