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Gemba: It's Not Just About Understanding the Process

Posted by Laura Silvoy on February 22, 2017

Most lean practitioners would agree that the Japanese word gemba means “the real place” and refers to the exact place that work happens. While we whole-heartedly agree, we also believe that more.....READ MORE

Topics: Lean Operational Improvement, Transformation, Gemba Mapping

Simulation: Averages Are Not Enough to Answer Complex Questions

Posted by Laura Silvoy on January 24, 2017

The healthcare industry is complex, and questions without a single solution often arise. So when Inspira Health Network experienced significant emergency department (ED) holds due  to a lack of.....READ MORE

Topics: Transformation, Simulation, Case Study, Throughput Analysis

Kaizen Event: Discovering & Overcoming Root Causes

Posted by Jonathan Bykowski on October 5, 2016

While working with a community hospital trying to solve its overcrowded emergency department, we began by observing and mapping their current state process. Space was tight and capital was scarce......READ MORE

Topics: Transformation, Simulation, Kaizen Events, Case Study

Choosing by Advantages

Posted by Jonathan Bykowski on September 21, 2016

There are many Lean tools available to help teams navigate the seemingly endless pit of decisions they must make during any project. I continue to be amazed by how powerful these basic approaches.....READ MORE

Topics: Lean Operational Improvement, Transformation

Lean Coffee Philadelphia

Posted by Laura Silvoy on August 25, 2016

Nearly a year ago, I decided to host Philadelphia's first Lean coffee meeting - an agenda-less meeting, where people come to discuss topics related to lean and process improvement.


Topics: Lean Operational Improvement, Transformation

Architects and the Impact of Commoditization

Posted by Carl Davis on August 8, 2016

In the design business, commoditization is the market movement to undifferentiated price competition and from monopolistic to perfect competition. The key aspect of commoditization is that clients.....READ MORE

Topics: Strategy, Transformation, Continuous Improvement