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Laura Silvoy

I am a Healthcare Systems Engineer with a passion for improvement. My background in architecture and healthcare systems engineering provides a unique blend of proficiency around the built environment, improvement methodologies and analytical approaches. Using simulation and other process improvement tools, I strive to create a better patient experience by combining efficient work flows with effective spatial planning. Continuously advancing our own productivity and design culture is a top priority and I always look to improve the ways we deliver results to our customers.
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Recent Posts

Simulation: Averages Are Not Enough to Answer Complex Questions

Posted by Laura Silvoy on January 24, 2017

The healthcare industry is complex, and questions without a single solution often arise. So when Inspira Health Network experienced significant emergency department (ED) holds due  to a lack of.....READ MORE

Topics: Transformation, Simulation, Case Study, Throughput Analysis

Lean Coffee PHL - Knowledge Sharing Among Lean Professionals

Posted by Laura Silvoy on October 10, 2016

Lean Coffee is an opportunity for lean professionals to discuss ideas, experiences, issues and/or improvements in lean. It's a structured, agenda-less meeting focused on topics that are important.....READ MORE

Topics: Lean Operational Improvement

Lean Coffee Philadelphia

Posted by Laura Silvoy on August 25, 2016

Nearly a year ago, I decided to host Philadelphia's first Lean coffee meeting - an agenda-less meeting, where people come to discuss topics related to lean and process improvement.


Topics: Lean Operational Improvement, Transformation

Living Lean with a Personal Kanban

Posted by Laura Silvoy on July 8, 2016

Everyone manages their work in different ways. Some people use lists; others prefer to schedule events on their calendars. We can manage tasks through digital mediums or take a more tangible form......READ MORE

Topics: Transformation, Kanban

Simulation in Healthcare: Resource Utilization

Posted by Laura Silvoy on June 2, 2016

Health systems interested in improving their patient flow face a number of questions as they design their new way of working. Uncertainty surrounding resource needs and durations of new process.....READ MORE

Topics: Lean Operational Improvement, Transformation, Simulation, Case Study

Process Mapping for Lean Clinical Operations

Posted by Laura Silvoy on May 31, 2016

Array facilitated a process mapping event where a multi-disciplinary team mapped current clinic operations using post-it notes and markers. The conversations among departments led the team to.....READ MORE

Topics: Lean Operational Improvement, Transformation, Process Mapping